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COURTS   OF   PARIS,    NAPLES,   ETC,                267

Martinique. They had arrived, after an agreeable
passage in a good ship, the day before. They
were to re-embark that evening for Jamaica, where
the General expected to be landed about the 1st of
November. His letter is written in uncommon
spirits. He says they were all well, but that he
keeps Swinburne so busy he has no time to write,
and therefore begs Barry to acquaint his family
that he is safe and well. It was almost too much
happiness to bear when these tidings came amidst
all our anxiety, and we were quite overcome at
such unusual ways of digestion*


I breakfasted yesterday with Mr. Pelham,
whose post in the cabinet is not ascertained, as
Lord Auckland encourages his son-in-law to stick
to the war secretaryship, as a place, I suppose,
where he himself can take an active post behind
the curtain. Lord Pelham is to be Earl of
Laughton in Sussex, near Lewes, The King
keeps Sussex for one of his sons, and Lord Moira
would set fire to his house were he to take the
title of Hastings, of which Lord P. is the lord.